Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Does LA Open Acres serve as a land brokerage entity?

LA Open Acres is a platform that makes information transparent that was once inaccessible. Therefore, LA Open Acres serves as a tool to assist you in carrying out projects in your community.


  1. So LA Open Acres isn’t an independent entity?

Correct, LA Open Acres is not an independent entity. LA Open Acres stems from a collaborative effort with C-Lab and 596 Acres but is owned and managed by Community Health Councils (CHC).


  1. Who is Community Health Councils?

Community Health Councils (CHC) is a not for profit organization that was founded in 1992. CHC has led coalitions in South LA and beyond to advocate for healthy communities. CHC utilizes data, experience, and the expertise of c community stakeholders to shape policy, systems and environmental change. This approach provides an exceptional opportunity for people of different backgrounds to build a shared understanding of the degree of health justice issues, allowing them to examine the root causes of health inequity.


  1. How is LA Open Acres relevant to CHC’s work?

CHC is dedicated to health equity and expanding access to nutritional and physical health resources. Parks, open space, and community gardens are a few of the resources that are key to expanding valuable and needed resources in the city of Los Angeles. Such resources are often an afterthought in development projects, but LA Open Acres will help communities build from within and create vibrant, active spaces that are missing. Moreover, LA Open Acres is a tool that will support CHC’s work in helping to create effective and transparent open space policies and to move forward related campaigns.


  1. Who responds to questions I submit from the site?

When you have questions about the site, CHC responds to your queries accordingly. For example, if you have questions on how to use specific features on LA Open Acres, we would respond appropriately. However, if you have questions related to starting projects or acquiring a vacant lot, you can find resources and contact information for the appropriate people in the toolkits provided.


  1. Are the vacant lots that are listed available for free?

The lots that are mapped out on LA Open Acres are not free parcels of land. They are all properties that require permission from the land owner for use. The parcels are owned by either a public entity such as the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority or a private individual, trust, or organization such as a not for profit organization.


  1. Why isn't the vacant lot near me on this map?

For various reasons, our map only shows land that is of a certain size not exceeding 3 acres. If there is a lot near you that is not listed on the map, it is possible that we missed it or it might be that the lot is larger than 3 acres.

If there is a lot that you think should be included on the map, let us know!


  1. I don't want to start a project -- but I would like to get involved in my neighborhood. How do I do that?

You can turn on the layer of our map that shows lots that are being organized around (the buttons are to the right of the map on the front page - chose the purple starburst under the “Living Lots” section to see the lots that are being organized).

Another tool that might help you find an existing garden to plug into is Cultivate LA. Cultivate LA is a research project meant to assess the state of urban agriculture in Los Angeles County today.


  1. How do I use the map to find out about this vacant lot I'm looking at?

Check out our toolkits for step-by-step instructions!