Mind Over Matter

What is LA Open Acres Organization?

It is the fact that an individual and conscious human being can control their life in a very positive way and control every aspect of that life by simply applying proper, effective and efficient information which they choose to apply in that human life. I am sure that you have heard of the Law of Attraction and The Secret that have become very popular for one reason or another.

The truth of the matter is that unfortunately negativity has gotten in the way of so many people’s life and due to this negativity many opportunity have been lost for so many people due to fear and lack of preparation. The unfortunate reality is that most individuals who are involved in everyday life may not be preparing themselves for what tomorrow holds especially on an individual level.

Too many individuals have been taught that metaphysics is for sissified, purist non-believers who can not incorporate their beliefs into their reality and so they have adopted a self imposed mental prison where negativity reigns supreme. This lack of preparation for what tomorrow holds has resulted in a prison of sorts where each individual is held hostage to the negativity that is held within their own mind, their own world, their own personal prison.

When one becomes a victim to their own perceived mental circumstances or feels that they physically lack a certain ability to cope or simply do not have the time to deal with the numerous setbacks and challenges placed in their way of life they become victims to their own perceived reality.

People who fail to prepare for situations and perceive obstacles or setbacks as not being a part of their life become victims to their own debilitating negativity. In truth there are many people who want to believe that they are victims to their own perceived or actual lack and limitations, but the truth of the matter is that they have designed their world in such a way that they could create and subscribe to their own perceived limitations.

One of the reasons why we have the tendency to apportion blame in so many situations and why we place the cause of failure or limitation in the hands of others is simply due to the fact that the person perceives things according to their own limitations, their own self imposed boundaries, which they believe are not able to be overcome by anyone else.

We may feel that we lack the ability to find the time to achieve certain things that we want to achieve or we may accept the fact that we are unable to leave the current situation that we are in. Just look at the amount of television we watch, the amount of time we spend with our computers and the amount of time we spend shopping as the perfect example.

Shopping is a perfect example because even though we lack the ability to achieve certain things through the use of these products at some point in time it is entirely our own decision whether or not we act upon this information and carry out these desires within our current circumstances or we elect to do nothing and so continue to reap the results from our lack of action. This is criticism on the part of the television companies who have made their fortunes selling us that we lack the ability while the television companies have made fortunes out of selling us this information.

What is it that keeps those people addicted to spending their money, travelling a long way from home for weeks and spending money in the same way? It is all because of the constant repetition of information that they have accepted as a certain reality and have in most cases allow to see them repeat this information over and over again.

We have been lied to about what we are actually capable of by the very entity that is supposed to be helping us achieve our desires and needs. The same entity that is supposed to be representing our best interests is in fact actively helping us to believe those lies and as a result they are making big profits from us being unable to actually make any sensible decision to put ourselves in a position where we can actually use what we already have.

Words now become sound and actions become those things that we see and are unable to differentiate between what we speak and what we do. This is the malady that has been brought into our lives because of the very same entity that is taking advantage of our inability to make sound decisions and have only ever made poor decisions based on what we have been taught.

This has resulted in the society that we live in today accepting these weak and poor decisions as true, which in turn has made our society a society in which bad things happen all the time. This is where the problems and the complaints are only made about how bad things are, when all that would actually be required for us to change our circumstances is only to has o change.

What change? Well it is what we choose to do beforehand and change our internal programming which is responsible for the present state of affairs. The truth of the matter is that those that make claims that they are never a victim to bad misfortune are living their lives based on anything other than reality.